Gerber, Douglas E.
A Commentary on Pindar Olympian Nine

Hermes – Einzelschriften

ISBN 978-3-515-08092-7

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Olympian Nine celebrates the wrestling victory in 468 of Epharmostus of Opous. Although one of Pindar’s longer odes, it has received less scholarly attention than others of comparable size. The present commentary fills this gap. A significant portion of the ode is devoted to Epharmostus’ previous victories and an appendix analyses how victory catalogues are treated elsewhere by Pindar as well as by Bacchylides and agonistic epigrams.

"There are a thousand things to treasure here; details are a steep path and require too much discussion to give a sense of the whole. I’ll put it simply: Gerber makes hard scholarship look easy. The wise will store up against future need." Classical World

1. Auflage 2002. 94 S.

Hermes – Einzelschriften Band 87
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